Bring your Business Model ideato life !

New project, New team, New Plan, New future


New project idea

Do you have new projects or existing idea that you want to realize

Project idea design

You want to structure and develop your projects so that you can easily edit them

Lean Project idea Canvas

Now you can visualize your projects with the LP-Canvas and convert them into the form of process diagrams

Achieve the maximum

Achieve the maximum performance of your projects

Business Model Lean Project idea Canvas !

Toolkit Converts your ideas to the Process Plan


Lean Project idea Canvas !

Toolkit Converts your ideas to the Process Plan and Business model

Business Model - Lean Projektidee is a toolkit for people who have ideas, and wants to identify, analyze, develop and run them. The toolkit is a basic and well thought-out structure with practice-oriented models that give you an overview of the steps of a work step to gradually build your Business model project idea. It simplifies the associated complex tasks and processes to bring you a better Results. Lean Projekt idea gives you a new ways of thinking in your working environment and extends your working methods. It allows you to use more efficient and focused skills and to understand complex processes more easily.
At the same time, it requires great self-responsibility. Technical innovation can be seen as an object: innovation is a subjectively new idea, process innovation (process innovation), as a process: innovation is a process that involves the exploration and analysis of a problem, the search for and evaluation, research, development And construction, production and sales preparation up to market launch.
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Why you will love the Business Model Canvas !

Simple Applicable and fast to implement

Business ideas

Every new business idea needs tools to realize it

Project management

A project requires a plan to manage all resources


Brainstorming, new ideas, team information exchange and even more


Planning game, business training, process design

Your benefits when using the Canvas!!

It offers you many options and applications

  • Orientierung Tool

  • Visualization Process

  • Brainstorming

  • Easy to implement

  • Time Management

  • Suitable for CIP

  • Easy to apply

  • Explanation documents

  • And even more options

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